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Current Investments

Colonial Management Group

Colonial is a leading provider of outpatient rehabilitation services to those suffering from addiction to opiates and opiate-based prescription medications such as Oxycontin, Dilaudid, Percodan, Percocet and Propoxyphene. Founded in 1986 with one clinic in Orlando FL, Colonial now treats more than 25,000 patients per day from its seventy plus clinics located throughout the United States.

Premier Kids Care

Premier Kids Care is a provider of specialized pharmacy services to treat diseases of the endocrine system. The company provides all aspects of diabetic care (pumps, supplies and insulin) as well as endocrine medications such as growth hormone, Increlex, Lupron and Supprelin LA in coordinating the continuum of care among pediatric endocrinologists, patients and insurance carriers.

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Realized Investments


Aquilent is a leader in mobile and digital strategy, web content management, cloud computing and portals for the Federal Government. It helps federal agencies meet the expectations of the new Digital Government initiative by delivering transformative solutions that emphasize efficiency and mobility, and significantly enhance citizen engagement. We exited the investment in early 2018 to Booz Allen Hamilton.


Fi-Foil is a manufacturer of high performance reflective insulation and radiant barriers. The company develops, manufactures and distributes its products for residential, commercial and agricultural structures providing effective thermal performance to help reduce energy costs.

Laurel Technical Services

LTS is a pre-press editorial and production services provider to publishers of math and science textbooks. It serves primary, secondary and college textbook markets. Its services include editorial content, graphic artwork, accuracy checking and typesetting of textbooks, solution manuals, and teaching materials.

Douglas-Michaels Company

Douglas Michaels provides specialized marketing services for the mortgage industry. Its bill paying service converts the payment flow of a traditional monthly mortgage into a biweekly payment schedule enabling the homeowner to save tens of thousands of dollars in interest expense while building equity at an accelerated rate.

American Graphics

American Graphics is an integrated producer/distributor of promotional products. The company makes pens, letter openers, and other custom printed merchandise used as advertising specialty items, which it markets directly and through distributors throughout the United States.

National Renal Alliance (NRA)

 NRA is a renal disease management company which provided dialysis services to patients with chronic and acute renal disease in rural and underserved areas across the United States. Warwick helped fund National Renal Alliance’s first two clinics in 2002 and helped to expand  NRA to 45 facilities when it was sold to RA Group Holdings.

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