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Investment Criteria

Warwick looks to make equity investments into growing businesses with recurring yet diverse revenue streams, proven management teams, clear barriers to entry and accessible growth opportunities. Our financial parameters include EBITDA between $2 and $10MM, however we have the ability to partner with other family office capital sources on opportunities that exceed this range. Warwick prefers to make control investments but for the right opportunity will consider minority equity positions. Warwick helps to create incremental shareholder value for all of its business partners through our ability to bring long term capital, flexible investment structures, industry expertise, relationships and strategic guidance.

Cash Flows

Cash Flow Dynamics

  • $1-10M EBITDA

  • EBITDA Margins that Reflect Specialization or Differentiation

  • Ability to Capture Recurring Revenue Streams or Contracted Services

  • Stability, Predictability, and Demonstrated Growth


Management Capabilities

  • Proven Operators or Founder-Owners


  • A Drive and Desire for Growth


  • Intimate Industry Knowledge and Vision


Market Strategy and Positioning

  • Sustainable Competitive Edge


  • Novel "Twist" on Proven Models


  • Identifiable Differentiated Niche


  • Meaningful Barriers to Entry


  • Long-term Contracted Services


Growth Strategies and Abilities

  • Presence in Stable and Growing Markets


  • Organic Growth or Add-on Opportunities


  • Accessible Growth Avenues


  • Ability to Become a "Best in Class" Provider

  • Attractive Potential Exit Candidates


Areas of Interest

  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • Niche Manufacturing
  • Business Services
  • Payment Processing
  • Value Added Resale
  • Specialty Finance
  • Contract Management
  • Government Services
  • Distribution and Logistics
  • and Other Unique Opportunities
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